Thrill of the Hunt

Multiple rooms in the start with six or so Shadar-Kai Assassins. Ok.

Multiple rooms throughout the quest with > ten howlers each, resulting in our Wisdom being dropped to 0 several times. Ok.

Not to mention the other adverse consequence of Howlers, which is more a nuisance than anything: that stupid persistent Damage-Over-Time which deals something like 2 damage every few seconds for 30 seconds, preventing you from opening doors or doing anything of note. Yeah, I’m sure that’s another great and necessary feature for this quest, eh, Turbine?

That’s all well and good, and again, I’m sure it’s all necessary to create the stellar and enjoyable quest experience that is The Thrill of the Hunt. Sure.

And I’m even more convinced that letting the stupid boss bug out on us is another great reason why we should all love this quest with an undying, fervent passion.


(Names blurred out for confidentiality)

In case you don’t get what happened, Karleth, the annoying motherfucker whom you have to kill in order to finish the quest, dies, and yet the quest still doesn’t give us experience or give us completion. We wait around for another minute, and sure enough, still no completion or experience. Only thing we could do at this point was recall and restart.

Thanks, Turbine.

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