Tangleroot Gorge

General Comments

I like, but don’t love this pack. Tangleroot Gorge is very homogeneous and overall quite average both in terms of experience and in fun factor. What puts this pack at the top of the C-Tier, and borderline B-Tier, however, is in its loot… namely, in the form of a pair of well-known, well-used goggles which just about every DDO junkie has.

Experience: 3.5/5

In all honesty, you could probably skip Tangleroot Gorge even on 3rd+ lives and still get to the cap just fine. The main reason why I think skipping would be viable is because the quests are spread apart so thinly in terms of level (10 quests ranging from level 3 to level 7) that it’s kind of a pain to go back to the Gorge every level. In total, the quest chain provides 11,816 base experience on elite. That being said, I tend to still do these quests on every life because I personally don’t mind them.

So with that in mind, I’d say the score would be 3/5. But what gives this pack an addition 0.5 rating is this quest. It’s easily rush-able in under a minute and on elite provides a base of 1,369 experience, and 1,220 on normal. Sometimes I feel like doing a quick five-minute farm of the quest which results in a little over 10k experience… other times I don’t bother. But I’m just saying, the option is there for those of you who like to do this sort of thing.

There’s also the fact that Tangleroot Gorge comes with an eponymous wilderness area, allowing for further experience gains.

Loot: 4/5

You all knew this item would be here, didn’t you? Any review of Tangleroot Gorge is going to focus on these goggles. And that’s because they’re so damn useful. Not only are the visors the only deathward clicky in the game (aside from a single level 20 item which is rather hard to find), but it’s usable at the low level of 5. Deathward is an extremely useful spell which protects you against all negative energy (this mainly translates to you being immune from Inflict “x” Wound spells), against negative levels, and against instant-death spells. Couple this with the Pale Lavender Ioun Stone and you have one of the few anti-beholder combinations in the game. Or simply use deathward on its own to protect you from Patrick The Maniacal’s Finger of Deaths. Its uses are nearly endless!

Some other pieces of loot worth mentioning are a ML 5, +3 constitution belt, a ML 5, +3 strength glove, and a ML 5, dexterity +3 bracer. For the most part, these are rendered obsolete by Chronoscope loot, but they’re still worth mentioning regardless.

One item which you should definitely not ever pick, in any situation ever, is the Fanged Wraps. Unless, of course, you want to die. I really think that Vicious is one of those effects that the devs either made while they were drunk or just fucking around.

Fun Factor: 3/5

The quest objectives are varied enough, granted, but the main problem which makes this chain of quests a bit less enjoyable is that they all take place in the same two dungeons and all feature the same roster of enemies. It gets sort of monotonous towards the end.

I do somewhat enjoy the wilderness area, and sometimes go out and find all the explorer optionals if I’m bored. A wilderness area, in my eyes, is almost always a positive thing. With a few notable exceptions, of course.

Popularity: 1/5

Probably because of the vast level spread, these quests are tough to do in a party. For one thing, you’d have a bunch of different level people running the chain, and for another, people might have different preferences on how to run the quest: do you, for instance, want to run all 10 quests in one go, or do you want to run them 2 at a time? Or do you want to run them 4 at a time? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with anyone’s particular preferences in regards to this issue, but nobody can deny the fact that this makes for increased difficulty in finding a party. For that reason, it’s probably best to simply solo these quests. Not that you really have any options, really.

Pricing: 4/5

At 550 TP, it’s pretty cheap, especially considering the loot and the length of the quests.

Overall: Upper C-Tier

It’s not the best in terms of experience or fun-factor, but the Visors of the Flesh Render are almost a must-have for anyone doing multiple lives. Its pricing is rather fair for the amount of content you’re getting, and while it’s not exactly the most popular series of quests ever, the visors alone make this a pack worthy of anyone’s consideration.

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