The Necropolis, Part 1

General Comments

Necropolis Part 1 is one of those adventure packs which will never be great. It will always be doomed to live in mediocrity, and there’s unfortunately nothing that Turbine can really do to make the quests innately more enjoyable or more rewarding. And there’s nothing that Turbine can do now to make the game more popular; they’ve already shot themselves in the foot with the heroic-epic split, and there’s no going back.

Experience: 3/5

Back when this game was popular and it was possible to find a group to farm The Bloody Crypt, I would’ve given this area a solid 5/5 for its level. Right now, however, it’s only practical to run each of the quests once, since DDO has been gradually declining in popularity and it’s nearly impossible to find a group for Bloody Crypt.

Sometimes, it may not even be practical to flag for the Bloody Crypt; one of the quests requires at least four bodies (meaning you could have two players and two hirelings), and sometimes you can leave your LFM open for over and hour and still have nobody show up. In this case, about half of this pack’s potential experience is being wasted, since you’re neither getting experience from Burning Heart, nor are you running the Bloody Crypt.

In terms of base experience, the chain of four quests + the finisher, Bloody Crypt, are quite good experience: 12,712 base on elite. The Bloody Crypt can be rushed in under 10 minutes (if you have a party of four people; good luck) and can provide phenomenal experience/minute. So the potential is there–it’s just that the population isn’t. If you play DDO with a group of buddies or luck out and can consistently find a group for this pack, then I’d say go for it, by all means.

Loot: 1/5

Only one thing really worth mentioning here and that is the Goggles of Shielding. If you didn’t pick up a few pairs of Protective Gloves back in Korthos, then this will be another chance to get a shield clicky. It’s worth noting that these two items are the only shield clickies in the game now that Turbine fucked over Giantcrafted armor and prevented loot-gen clickies to drop from chests.

When it comes down to it, I’d much rather farm for a few pairs of the Protective Gloves from Korthos, though, and that’s why I’m giving this pack a 1/5 in this area. Essentially, the only item of note here can be substituted by an item from Korthos.

Fun Factor: 3.5/5

I don’t particularly enjoy undead-themed quests, but I strangely don’t seem to mind this pack. In terms of quest design, the quests here strike a nice balance between featuring neat quest mechanics and not being too frustrating. If you were to ask me which Necropolis pack is my favorite in terms of fun factor, I’d definitely say that Necro 1 takes the cake. Then again, considering how boring I find Necro 3/4, this may not be saying much.

Popularity: 1/5

Yeah, good luck.

Pricing: 3.5/5

At 350 TP, it’s pretty fairly priced, I’d say.

Overall: Lower C-Tier.

While I personally like these quests and see that they have the potential to offer some decent experience, the fact of the matter is that, ever since U14 and the heroic-epic split, no aspect of the game will ever be as popular as it once was. This indirectly harms Necro 1 because it means less people running the pack at any given time, and considering how contingent Bloody Crypt and Burning Heart are upon having a group, this is horrible, horrible news for Necro 1.

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