The Seal of Shan-To-Kor

General Comments

Despite being a low-level pack, Shan-To-Kor offers a surprising hint at some of the best aspects of DDO, while also being a very good pack in terms of experience and loot. Lore-wise, it is a sequel to The Waterworks, and takes place at a similar level as well. I really like this pack.

Experience: 4/5

Shan-To-Kor is divided into two subsections, both taking place in the miniature wilderness area, the Steam Tunnels. The first subsection is a standalone quest known as “The Sacred Helm,” a level 3 Waterworks-alike quest which offers passable experience rewards and no named loot. The second subsection of the pack comprises the meat of the pack, and is a series of three quests in a chain, leveling 3, 4, and 5. The chain offers a total of 5,739 base experience on elite and a plethora of easy objectives in the middle quest.

It should be noted that, for part 3, a trapper is very helpful.

Loot: 3/5

As with the Catacombs, a lot of the loot is lackluster or downright pointless to get. On the other hand, there are some fantastic pieces of loot to be obtained here, such as Shadow Star (the best named shuriken you get until the Snowstar), Guardian’s Dagger (a decent greatsword to use, and a poor-man’s alternative to Carnifex), and the Ring of Feathers, a ML 0 feather-falling item. Not too shabby.

My personal favorite item of the bunch is the Trapblast Goggles. I wear these starting at level 1 every time I True Reincarnate, as the +4 bonus to reflexes by far eclipses anything else you can be getting in the goggle slot at level 1, and even at level 5. Only at level 7 do you have easy access to +4 resistance items.

Fun Factor: 4/5

The Sacred Helm is tolerable.

The Shan-To-Kor chain itself is great. It has a variety of monsters ranging from kobolds, hobgoblins, ogres, wolves, the undead, and spiders, to the feared stone golem guardian of Shan-To-Kor (who falls in about 5-10 seconds to any experienced player… how anticlimactic). It also offers a range of puzzles and hidden objectives for more casual players. On a literal and a figurative level, the chain offers a great amount of depth, being host to some of the first multi-leveled dungeons you’ll see. From the level 1-4 level range, I would definitely say that Shan-To-Kor is the highlight of all of my TR journeys. My favorite quests in this level range.

Popularity: 3/5

I think others might agree with my assessment of the fun factor (or they just like the experience; whatever suits them I suppose), because I see LFMs for this chain pop up from time to time. While the game is much less popular than it once was (let alone the heroic game), this quest has endured the test of time and still remains played to this day.

Pricing: 5/5

As with Catacombs, it costs a meager 250 TP, thereby tieing the two packs for the cheapest in the game. Compared to Catacombs, though, this is a much better purchase in virtually every aspect: better loot, easier experience, more popular, and of course, more fun.

Overall: B-Tier

Very enjoyable pack, at least to me, and definitely my favorite series of quests in the level 1-4 level range, as I stated earlier. However, the constraints of being a low level quest hold it back some; I think a higher level adventure pack with similar ambition and care put into it would be a more solid experience overall. There’s only so much you can do at a low level range, and I think STK is about as far as you can push the envelope. Still, very fun pack to run, and very cheap too.

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