The Sharn Syndicate

General Comments

If not for the fact that its difficulty is one of the most unforgiving at its level, and for the fact that it’s one of the worst-priced adventure packs in the game, I would say that The Sharn Syndicate is worth almost worth the purchase. Almost.

Experience: 2/5

A single chain of six quests, which reward a grand total of 5,600 base experience on elite. Come on Turbine, even Korthos is more rewarding than this pack.

In all seriousness though, it’s not horrible. The quests are all really short, and in terms of experience per minute, they’re really good for their level. They’re worth running if you are a trapper and/or have crazy high reflex saves, but if not, they might give you a run for your money.

Loot: 1/5

I think that these items really need revisiting. Ever since Cannith Crafting has become a thing, there’s an abundance of vastly superior options we can make for weapons at level 2. None of the weapons from the Sharn Syndicate are good by any stretch of the imagination, and haven’t aged well at all. DDO Wiki has a list of the weapons which you can peruse for your own pleasure, and I predict that if you have common sense, you will probably agree with me.

Fun Factor: 4/5

Sharn’s major selling point. In terms of variety, this pack offers some of the most unique and fun quests at its level. One quest is a typical “hold the line” protection-based quest, while another is a straightforward “kill all monsters” affair. Things start to get interesting with the Stormreaver Fresco, which rewards stealth. Bookbinder Rescue is a slightly different take on the “protect” quest, and can unfortunately be quite frustrating on elite. Repossession is fun because it allows you to steal back some valuable artifacts, while the final quest offers you a few different choices for NPC companions.

The main thing to note about Sharn is that it’s a rogue’s paradise. Every single quest except for Stand Your Ground (not to be confused with that Wild Horses song) reward either stealth or trapping abilities. So if you have either evasion or trapping abilities, you’ll probably love this pack. If not, you may still enjoy it due to the sheer uniqueness of the quests in comparison to other similar-level content.

Popularity: 1/5

The over-reliance on a trapper probably hindered this pack’s popularity from the get go, and the popularity (or lack thereof) of the heroic game these days doesn’t do much to remedy this quest’s unpopularity.

Pricing: 2/5

Yes, 350 TP is pretty cheap, but consider that this pack only offers six quests, all of them level 4. Just in terms of experience and level spread, Shan-To-Kor has this pack beat. It’s also 100 TP cheaper.

Furthermore, considering its unpopularity and its lack of any worthwhile loot, one would see even less reason to shell out the 350 TP for this pack.

Overall: Upper D-Tier

So many things cripple this pack, and the only thing redeeming about it is its fun factor. To me, of course, this means that I’ll run the pack every life, but to others, I’m not so sure.

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