Devil Assault

General Comments

I know what you’re thinking: how can you consider such an old pack with only two quests to be S-tier? Well, I’ll explain. Devil Assault is arguably the pack that has aged better with time than any other pack out there, for a multitude of reasons I’ll cover momentarily. It’s also extremely popular and covers a higher level range than most other packs.

Experience: 4/5

Doing a daily run of Devil Assault on EN is an easy 60-70k experience in about 20 minutes, and Chronoscope gives almost as much if including all its optionals. Although I don’t think most people run these two quests in epic for experience, I do think that people should give it more credit.

In the heroic levels, the Chronoscope can potentially be very good experience at level, provided you can get a competent group to run it. Given that it’s a level 6 quest, it’s hard to find players of that level range who know their stuff, but it’s still possible, and not terribly uncommon.

Additionally, Devil Assault (the quest) can be run at level 6, 12, or 18 on normal, hard, or elite respectively. This provides some auxiliary options for those leveling on the heroic path, which can be quite nice, particularly on elite difficulty, where Shroud ingredients start popping up. Which brings me to…

Loot: 4.5/5

If Devil Assault gave us all the ingredients needed for Green Steel base items, then there’d be no reason to run Shroud at all, and the loot category here would be 5/5. But that’s not how it is. Green Steel ingredients, including Shards of Power, can all drop in heroic elite and in all epic difficulties. This is a huge boon for anyone wanting to craft Green Steel, and when the epic transition from epic -> epic normal/hard/elite came around, Green Steel crafting became many degrees easier because players now had a much more convenient way of farming ingredients.

Conveniently, Epic Normal also frequently grants 2 Tokens of the Twelve, which, in case you didn’t know, are needed to True Reincarnate. To my knowledge, it’s the second-fastest method of farming for Tokens in the game, losing only to Epic Time is Money. Epic Time is Money, though, doesn’t provide the added bonus of Green Steel ingredients, and is rather high maintenance, so for those with a more relaxed playstyle, Devil Assault is easier and more manageable. It’s also party-friendly. By that, I mean that friends can help out others by passing tokens to each other in chests, allowing for even more tokens/hour than would otherwise be possible, even with Time is Money.

The prevalence of EN token farming ever since 2012 has had the secondary effect of drastically driving up the supply of Green Steel ingredients in the economy, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your perspective.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t even talked about the Chronoscope loot yet–loot which has stood the test of time and still looks great today. The Charged Gauntlets are likely the best gloves you’ll be using until you can get an Ogre Power +6 gloves, since the 10d6 lightning damage on vorpals translates to +1.75 damage per hit, or +0.875 assuming reflex saves. The Epic version of the gauntlets are even better, and hold their own even against some of the newer Eveningstar equipment. In heroic levels, the Envenomed Cloak is also really nice for being ML 5 and giving Constitution +3, among other secondary bonuses. The Goggles of Time-Sensing are ML 5 and are some of the only Haste clickies in the game. Hellfire Crossbow not only looks badass, but has Flaming Burst, which is decent for ML 4. Epic Gem of many Faggots can be good for niche itemization, particularly with the Vulkoor’s Might set. Nat Gann’s Staff provides a fantastic Dexterity +4 bonus at ML 4, in addition to Sneak Attack +2 and being made of silver. The loot here is overall spectacular and it’s nice to see at least one pack which hasn’t been outdone by power creep yet.

Fun Factor: 3/5

I don’t love these quests, nor do I hate them. When I run them, I try to keep a utilitarian perspective in mind, and derive enjoyment from the practical benefit they provide to me. That being said, I do recognize that The Chronoscope has a cool time-travelling story which I can see others finding appealing.

Popularity: 5/5

You will have no trouble finding groups for EN token farming. Devil Assault groups in the heroic levels aren’t awfully uncommon either, and Chronoscope groups pop up quite frequently as well. All things considered, despite being only two quests, this is one of the most popular adventure packs out there.

Pricing: 5/5

It’s only 350 TP and is a much better value than Necropolis 1 or Sharn Syndicate. This is without a doubt one of the first packs you should buy.

Overall: S-Tier.

There’s virtually nothing bad I can say about it. A great pack from the old days that has just gotten better and better with time–possibly the only thing that U14 made better. And even so, I doubt that it was intentional on Turbine’s fault; how could the fact that the droprate of tokens on EN be higher than on EH for the past 2.5 years not be a bug? It’s kind of funny how there are things like this which are obvious fuckups on Turbine’s part, but which have made the game better or more manageable, while on the other hand, Turbine’s intended changes have had awful consequences.

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