Sentinels of Stormreach

General Comments

An old pack which has aged well, albeit in ways which Turbine probably didn’t intend. That’s how it usually goes, or has gone since 2012; Turbine’s unintended overlooking of certain factors leads to a better game, while Turbine’s planned-out “features” end up costing them players and reputation. Anyway, about the pack itself: Sentinels of Stormreach is a very good pack to have, especially for epic players.

Experience: 4/5

If it weren’t for Spies in the House (it’s the house, not the house of love or the house of the night), I’d probably rate this pack 2/5 for experience. But right now, Spies in the House on EN is one of the big three quests that epic players complete every day for experience. It can provide around 70k experience in under 10 minutes, one of the best exp/minute ratios in the game. Its heroic experience isn’t terrible either, though there are many other quests at level 8.

Another thing that this adventure pack has in its favor is that it allows you to complete the Pirates of the Thunder Sea saga in heroic levels, thereby allowing for an additional 26k experience which can be used at your discretion. This can be a boon at levels like 12-13, where there isn’t much content to run.

Funnily enough, though, the experience from the main quest chain (consisting of 4 quests, all level 7) is pretty terrible. They barely surpass the 1k/1 minute mark, and this is the level where you have exp juggernauts like the Tear of Dhakaan and The Pit. Turbine really should revisit these old quests and give them a boost, but I suppose their justification is that the saga exp kind of makes up for it.

Even if the saga wasn’t a thing, I’d still do the quests, though. I think they’re mostly pretty fun.

Loot: 1.5/5

The only item of note here is the Jizz-Titties, which go on your wrist and can provide a miscellaneous bonus to you if you have the monk stances. I would think that the most common use of these would be in fire stance for the +50 stacking heal amplification (pretty damn good if you ask me). It’s too bad that the rest of the loot here has aged horribly, especially considering that one is an anagram of Geddy Lee.

Fun Factor: 4/5

I like pirate-themed quests, so it follows that I personally find these quests to be pretty fun. Storm the Beaches is my favorite quest in this pack because it allows you to approach the quest objectives differently depending on how you want to play. Any quest which allows this type of flexibility, and executes it well, is a good quest in my opinion. Though the rest of the quests are rather linear, Bargain of Blood and The Tide Turns offer players the chance to explore for some minor optional objectives. Not my type of thing, but the option is there.

Popularity: 4/5

Spies in the House is the only popular quest of the bunch, but it’s so popular that it brings what would otherwise be a 1/5 score to 4/5. People run this quest daily in epic levels and you’ll have no trouble finding a group for it ever.

Pricing: 4/5

It’s 450 TP. Pretty cheap and well worth it.

Overall: A-Tier.

A must-have for anyone who plans on spending any time in the epic game. Also a decent pack to have for heroic players because it allows for completion of the pirate saga.

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