Sorrowdusk Isle

General Comments

Sorrowdusk Isle is among my favorite adventure packs, and if you came to DDO with a pen-and-paper mentality, this will likely be one of your favorite packs as well. It offers a wide selection of monsters to fight, a very unique and original wilderness area, and a story which seems straight out of tabletop D&D–much more so than Temple of Elemental Fail, and this pack wasn’t even based on any particular source material. Add to this that the pack has some decent experience and loot, and you get a very well-rounded pack.

Experience: 3.5/5

There are ten quests total, with two quests of each level from 6-10: two level 6 quests, two level 7 quests, and so on. The first four quests comprise the “Grey Moon Waning” chain, while the final six quests finish off the “Cult of Six” chain. “Grey Moon Waning” does not provide any unique named rewards, though “Cult of Six” does. The experience from “Grey Moon Waning” isn’t that great, but “Cult of Six” is where things start to pick up a little.

Loot: 3/5

Most of the loot here is dated, but two particular items have aged really well. The ML 8 Quicksilver Cassok provides Melee Alacrity 10% and has a Blue Augment Slot, which allows for Heavy Fortification. For melee builds, this will be one of the best robes around for awhile, and many times, I tend to use this robe until level 20. Of note is also the Snowstar, the best throwing star around at level 8 with its fantastic critical range and icy burst. Come to think of it, the handwraps named Skin of the Mockery aren’t bad either, and the Jeweler’s Loupe is a decent level 9 option for trappers whose crafting is less-than-perfect.

Fun Factor: 4/5

The wilderness area is probably either my 3rd or 4th favorite in the game (Vale might take 3rd). I really like its ominous, yet natural design, and the amount of little secrets hidden all around the map. It’s really fun to go around slaying and exploring, and places like this and Three Barrel Cove allow for alternate things to do in case you get burned out of the typical grind.

I also like the quests themselves as well. The gameplay, coupled with the simple, yet effective and tabletop-like story and setting make this pack truer to its source than perhaps any other adventure pack out there. It should be really fun to run through these the first time for any player. If you really want that D&D experience from DDO, this pack is a must.

Popularity: 1/5

Game is getting less popular, and the heroic game has had to bear the brunt of Turbine’s mismanagement more than anything else. In addition, the wide level range makes it hard to find parties consistently for this pack. Fortunately, however, the quests are easy enough to solo, and Turbine’s constant buffs to enhancements keeps making the game easier and easier.

Pricing: 4/5

It’s only 450 TP. If you like melee builds, or if you really like tabletop D&D, or if you like wilderness areas, this is a very reasonably priced pack to buy. Even if you’re just in it for the experience, this pack has a lot to offer, and the wilderness area can be milked if you like to do that sort of thing.

Overall: Upper B-Tier.

While this pack does have some flaws, there are many things going for it, and I’d recommend most players to buy this pack. It’s never seemed to get that much love in the LFM panel, which is a shame. In my opinion, it has everything an adventure pack needs: a fun setting, decent experience, and some loot which hasn’t yet been made obsolete. Despite this, however, it’s not exactly on the level of what I’d consider an “essential pack,” and thus I’m placing it in the high B-Tier.

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