The Necropolis, Part 2

General Comments

These quests are so frustrating, but Necropolis 2 is known far and wide by most players for one quest and one quest only, and that makes it all worth all the while. However, the frustrating mechanics in these quests and the fact that they’re all incorporeal undead-based (I hate undead) will forever keep the pack from being enjoyable to me. To the pack’s credit, though, I guess the quest designs and mechanics are somewhat original?

Experience: 5/5

Tomb of the Shadow Guard isn’t great experience/minute. All of the swimming means that you can only go through the quest so fast, so even if you’re a Killing Machine, you won’t be able to clear it all too quickly.

Tomb of the Shadow King is potentially good experience/minute if the party splits up and knows what they’re doing. But as we all know, this is seldom the case.

Tomb of the Shadow Lord can be done quickly, but requires at least two sentient beings in your party.

Tomb of the Shadow Knight offers the best experience of the bunch because of the trap optionals (+230% of the base experience!) in addition to some randomly spawning optionals for another potential +60%. Like Shadow King, it can also be split up, however you’d probably want two trappers at least if you’re planning on going that route.

All in all, running all four of these quests on elite is a base total of 16,360 experience. It’s not too bad, but the quests are all really frustrating and it can take forever to find someone else for Shadow Lord. But that’s not why people run Necro 2. We run Necro 2 for one reason and one reason only.


With a whopping 10,800 base experience on elite and up to twelve optionals for 15% base exp each, you’re looking at a crapton of experience: upwards from 50k on first completion. That’s more than the entirety of the Druid’s Deep chain. I guess this just comes to show which content is more rewarding: pre U14 or post U14 content. Seems obvious to me. Anyway, Shadow Crypt can be easily rushed in under ten minutes and can be subsequently farmed. Even with 80% ransack, it’s easy to surpass the 1k exp/1 minute mark.

Shadow Crypt is perhaps the single best experience/minute quest in the entire heroic game. Even in epic levels, only three quests surpass it. I guess it’s sort of sad when a single level 9 quest is more rewarding than most of the game’s “endgame” content, huh?

Loot: 1/5

Nobody runs this pack for loot

Fun Factor: 1/5

Nobody runs this pack to have fun

Popularity: 3/5

Shadow Crypt is the only reason people run this pack

Pricing: 4/5

Shadow Crypt should be the only reason you buy this pack. And it’s a damn good reason. 350 TP for the best exp/minute quest in the heroic game? Sign me up.

Overall: Lower A-Tier.

Shadow Crypt Necropolis 2 is like DDO’s version of “idiot” savants in real life. You see, there are some people out there who demonstrate poor social and life skills and who really cannot function like most people do. But they display tremendous knowledge or skill in one single area; Kim Peek had poor motor skills and tested as having below-average IQ, but was known for his remarkable skill to read books at a superhuman speed and remember every single word he read. So, Shadow Crypt Necropolis 2 is DDO’s analogue of that. There’s no notable loot from it. The quests are brutal and not enjoyable. 4/5 of its quests are mediocre in terms of experience. It fails on every level except for one. And that one area is so damn good that it more than makes up for every other flaw which weighs down this pack. It’s so good that it elevates what would’ve been a D-tier pack to lower A-tier.

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