The Ruins of Threnal

General Comments

Threnal is really scraping the bottom of the barrel of DDO, at least when speaking strictly in terms of pre-U14 content. DDO was never a perfect game, and I won’t pretend it was. This adventure pack is one of the reasons why it was never a perfect game.

Experience: 2/5

Every single quest in this pack is pretty terrible in terms of experience.

But there’s one quest that I do every life.

Escort the Expedition. This is an easy quest that takes less than 15 minutes and grants an easy 20k + experience, which, considering the level (10) is really nice. There aren’t that many level 10 quests to do for experience–I’m not counting VoN 5 here because finding a competent group for that quest on heroic is too unreliable and difficult to accomplish–and finding a quest at that level which gives passable experience is something of a boon. Aside from this quest, there are two Sorrowdusk quests, the two Ataraxia’s quests, Hiding in Plain Sight, Tempest’s Spine, and the two Restless Isles quests that nobody ever does… that’s about all the level 10 content you’ll get. That’s why I consider this quest to be a decent option for its level range. And that’s why this pack gets a 2/5 instead of a 1/5 in terms of experience.

Loot: 2/5

Very little of this loot has aged well, though there are some items which are worth it in certain niche builds.

Retribution is a ML 8 longsword with Holy, True Law, Pure Good, and a red augment slot, which gives it the options of being a DR breaker of your choice, or simply a solid DPS sword. In terms of sheer DPS, it’s probably one of the better things around for level 8, and I’d say it’s worth getting if you can tolerate Threnal and if you have the UMD requierments (or are lawful).

As an alternate longsword, the Threnalian Warblade has two augment slots, but boasts none of the other good bonuses of Retribution. On the positive, it is much easier to obtain, so there is that.

The second item which I feel needs mentioning is one for which I personally have a soft spot: the Theurgic Stave. Back in the day, I did a few quarterstaff lives, and this thing was my best friend. Adamantine ensured that it never broke, while the +4 enhancement bonus, increased weapon die (1.5[2d4] as opposed to simple 1d6 for most quarterstaves) and expanded critical range (19-20 x2 instead of 20 x2) allowed for very high DPS at the low level of 8. Hell, it held its own even in higher levels, and I remember using it to 20 on my quarterstaff lives. It also has elemental bane, which is situationally useful, and two augment slots, one red and one purple. For quarterstaff builds, this is probably the best option around for most of the heroic game.

Okay, okay, Mantle of the Worldshaper probably does deserve a mention. While the Voice of the Master is superior in its itemization slot, you’ll need to use both if you want the true seeing bonus. At ML 5, this is the earliest level you can get true seeing which is… pretty much completely useless outside of Partycrashers, but hey, you can look cool with your set bonus I guess.

Fun Factor: 2/5

I hate every quest here. Well… not so much hate, but they’re just so completely average that I can’t find anything positive to say about them.

The reason this pack gets a 2/5 instead of 1/5 is because of the neat little wilderness zone that isn’t listed as a wilderness zone. You see, Threnal takes place in the eponymous Ruins of Threnal, which consists of a small town-like zone where you enter the main quest series, and an outlying jungle area, where you can do some exploring. It’s in this jungle that you can find a small array of miniature quests which take about a minute or two each and give small amounts of experience. Nobody does these anymore, but they can be a good bit of fun if you want something different for a change.

Fun fact: at one point (in the early era, the 2006-2009 days), the Ruins of Threnal were considered “endgame.” The level cap back then was 10. Imagine that!

Popularity: 0/5

A combination of mostly useless loot, boring quests, and mediocre experience will naturally make a pack unpopular. Which is why I’m somewhat surprised that people still run things like Inspired Quarter and High Road of Shadows, but whatever.

Pricing: 2/5

To Threnal’s credit, the pack is only 450 TP, so it’s not like it’s a monstrous loss if you buy this. Still, though, I would by no means recommend buying this pack because there are so many other, superior options out there. The fact that there are even post U14 packs which I’d recommend before this one should speak volumes.

Overall: Upper F-Tier.

I’m sure that back when level 10 was the level cap and Threnal was considered endgame, this pack would’ve been run a lot more and it would’ve been much more fun to do as  a challenge. But times have changed, and time has been unmerciful on this pack. It’s one of many older adventure packs that Turbine should revisit in order to make relevant again.

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