Attack on Stormreach

General Comments

Attack on Stormreach isn’t the best pack out there in terms of min-maxing and trying for the best loot in the game or best experience, but it surprisingly isn’t totally outdone by other packs in these respects either. In addition, the quests themselves are very well done and are what I’d say creative and original. I like this pack.

Experience: 2/5

The pack consists of four quests, all level 13. The first three must be done in any order to flag for the fourth.

The first and third quests, Assault on Summerfield and Undermine, offer experience on par with the level 13 Gianthold quests, but are unfortunately not part of any saga, so aren’t really worth running multiple times per life.

The second quest, Blockade Buster, has the potential for really good experience/minute. The labor here can be divided between three people and if they all have stealth capabilities, it can be run in under two minutes. People used to farm this, but there’s not really a reason to anymore since running the Gianthold Saga multiple times is arguably better experience/minute and is more enjoyable because of the variety of quests.

The final quest, Siegebreaker, is a similar story. Its experience is really good and can be rushed in under ten minutes, though unfortunately there’s not much reason to farm it because the Gianthold Saga now exists.

You could say that these quests have potential for good experience, but the problem lies in this pack’s popularity, or lack thereof. The main issue here is that the quests offer good experience, but fall in a bad level range. Gianthold is more than sufficient for level 13-16, and anything else is auxiliary. If Gianthold didn’t exist, or if these quests quests were for a more thirsty level range, I wouldn’t hesitate in rating their experience higher.

Loot: 3/5

The items here are level 12 and though they aren’t on the level of green steel, they may as well be the next best thing. The loot mechanic here is a little interesting because it builds upon the loot found in the level 12 quest series featuring Diplomatic Impunity, Framework, and Eyes of Stone. You can look at DDO Wiki’s article on the Cauldron of Sora Katra for a better, more comprehensive overview of this loot mechanic. There’s a lot of versatility you’re afforded with the different item combinations, and since they’re so much easier to get than Green Steel, they can be a good substitute until you get your first Green Steel.

Fun Factor: 4/5

For the most part, the quests here aren’t world-changing or utterly unique in the way that quests like Into the Deep or Precious Cargo are, but they’re polished and creative enough that I find them mostly enjoyable. Their strength isn’t so much in their invention, but rather in their refinement of a tried-and-true formula.

Assault on Summerfield isn’t anything that special, though it does have a few selling points of its own; it starts off with you fending off invasions of soldiers through portals, sort of like Devil Assault. It then progresses to you going through the district of Summerfield, killing enemy forces and patching up fallen ally soldiers. The length of this quest is up to the quester: you can spend more time finding all the ally soldiers and killing every last looter, or you can rush to the end of the quest in under five minutes, sort of like Frame Work. I like how it affords the player some degree of flexibility.

Blockade Buster is similar in this regard. You can either stealth through it and complete it within two minutes, or you can kill everything and get more loot and slightly more experience. I like how this is one of the few quests which rewards stealth. There needs to be more quests like this, especially when you have options of completing the quest multiple ways.

Undermine is the only one here which is entirely straightforward, and yet it’s strangely the most inventive. There’s a section of the quest which features a minefield, and players can deal with it by jumping over it (my recommended method), blowing it all up with explosive charges, or disabling all 300 something of the mines… yeah, who’s actually going to do this? Oh yeah, there’s also a rolling rock a la Indiana Jones.

Finally Siegebreaker is mostly linear, though at multiple points, there are some optionals you can complete to make the endfight easier and to earn some more experience.

All of these quests are a solid gaming experience which I’d recommend to any DDO player looking for a good time.

Popularity: 2.5/5

Since it is a heroic-only pack, its popularity by default is not going to be all that high. However, I have noticed that for those who play the heroic game, most people play through this pack at least once.

Pricing: 2.5/5

450 isn’t that pricey, but then again, this pack is only four quests. No epic difficulty, no wilderness, or anything else. Four quests, and that’s it.

Overall: C-Tier.

The two main problems with this pack are that 1) it has to compete with Gianthold, which frankly no other pack besides Vale can really do and 2) its lack of content (only four quests). It falls in a very unfortunate level range, but aside from this, everything about the pack is very likable. It’s fun, the experience is above average, and the loot is the best thing at level besides Green Steel. It’s too bad that its lack of content and its level range hold it back from me being able to give it a more favorable rating.

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