Shadow under Thunderholme

General Comments

Thunderholme is, without a doubt, one of the most important packs to buy if you’re planning on being an Epic player. It provides some of the best weapons from level 22 all the way to level 28, fantastic armor, and a good bit of fun and experience to boot. If only there were more content, though…

Experience: 2/5

This pack consists of one wilderness area and two level 30 raids. That’s it. It should go without saying that nobody’s running the raids for experience–they’re level 30, and you should be at cap if you want to contribute to your party. But what about the wilderness?

In total, you can get 1,019,844 base experience in total from this wilderness. That’s including 7,500 slayers, all 12 rare encounters, and all 20 journal entries. Yes, 7,500 slayers is a lot, but it’s definitely doable, what with how easy it is to split up in Thunderholme… divide and conquer, as they say. It’s too bad that wilderness objectives don’t reset with every epic reincarnation, because if they did, I’d give the experience score a much higher rating. As it stands, however, this 1m experience is something of a once-in-a-lifetime bonus which, while nice, doesn’t have that much lasting value.

It’s good, but I’d like to see more. This seems to be the recurring theme of this pack.

Loot: 5/5

Thunderforged weapons and armors are outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. They’re ludicrously easy to find, since you can find duped ingots and scales on the auction house aplenty, meaning that you don’t even need to run either of the raids in order to get a ML 26 Thunderforged item. And believe me when I say that Thunderforged are the best weapons available from level 22-28, because nothing else comes close. Just take a look at the wiki’s comprehensive list of Thunderforged effects if you’re not already sold on this loot. It’s too big a list for me to go over in-depth, and I’m lazy.

Fun Factor: 2/5

Thunderholme is supposed to be a huge ancient kingdom, and it feels like Turbine could’ve done so much more with the pack than they did. All it is now is a stronghold which isn’t even one fourth the size of the Storm Horns. They could’ve expanded it into deeper floors. They could’ve fleshed out the Thunder Peaks more. They could’ve done more in the way of outdoor areas. They could’ve done so much more!

I like what they did give us and I think it’s good, but I want more! I can explore the entirety of the wilderness area in less than 25 minutes (this is indeed what I did the first time I ran through it) and I was left thinking, “wait, so this is the once mighty kingdom of Thunderholme?” Even though my initial trek through the place was rather enjoyable, it didn’t last nearly long enough for me to consider it to be a complete experience in the way that Vale or House Cannith are. And by comparison, neither Vale nor House Cannith are pretending to be anything larger than they really are, whereas Thunderholme has big shoes to fill, and didn’t do its source material justice, really.

The raids don’t add that much in the way of content, either. Seems like Turbine’s way of saying “er, okay guys, here’s a new raid with flashy new loot. I hope it keeps you occupied while we try in vain to think of something else to add to this game…”

Popularity: 4/5

Slayer groups for Thunderholme aren’t too uncommon, and groups for the raids have been popular ever since the pack’s inception. This is definitely one of the more popular packs in the epic game, despite how small it is.

Pricing: 4/5

As much as I would’ve loved to see more content here, I do believe that Thunderforged equipment is more than worth the 550 TP.

Overall: A-Tier. 

It leaves a lot to be desired if we’re talking about it as a gaming experience. There’s just not enough content here, and as a result, I don’t have enough to write about here. Two raids and a single wilderness area is the second smallest adventure pack in the game (Devil Assault is probably the smallest), and even if you absolutely adore the content here, there’s simply not enough of it to go around.

Despite this, the loot itself is enough to propel this pack to lofty heights. As I said before, this is a necessary purchase for epic players.

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