The Dreaming Dark

General Comments

The Dreaming Dark, what with the endgame challenge that it lost, would’ve been a continuation of the ill-fated Path of Inspiration, but thankfully, some loot which will never, ever be obsolete keeps this pack on the edge of B-Tier.

Experience: 2/5

As with the Path of Inspiration, the experience here isn’t great, or even good. And as with the Path of Inspiration, I don’t think that this pack was intended to be run for experience when it first came out. Rather, it was intended to be run for loot and for the endgame challenge it presented; however, now that level 19-20 is no longer endgame, it’s stuck in the odd position of not offering a challenge while not offering any experience, even though it should now offer more of the latter. Just like with Path of Inspiration, the highest experience quest here offers less experience than some level 11 quests.

Thankfully, with this pack, there’s still the loot option which saves it from being forgotten forever.

Loot: 4/5

Ioun Stones. That is all.

Okay, well, there is a little more. Those items you can get in the Path of Inspiration can be upgraded here, and some of those effects are kind of nice. But who am I kidding; the main reason 99% of people run this quest is for the Ioun Stones.

Particularly the elusive Pale Lavender one, which is to this day one of the few ways to effectively negate a Beholder. And yes, I do farm this quest just because of how annoying Beholders are.

You’d think it’d be obvious to Turbine that there’s a blatant gameplay imbalance here when one single type of monster can only be countered by one specific item, but whatever. I’ve learned not to question Turbine because after all, most of the stupid things in this game are either due to Turbine’s idea of what’s best for this game being grossly out of touch with reality, or due to Turbine’s lack of concern in any given area.

And yes, I’m giving the loot rating here 4/5 just because of the Pale Lavender Ioun stone. The item is that important in playing the game.

Fun Factor: 2/5

I’d give this pack a higher rating, but I’ve come to grow tired of the Dreaming Dark (the quest), as unique as it is, after running through it over 70 times just to find a Pale Lavender Ioun Stone.

Popularity: 2.5/5

Some people run the other quests for experience every life. I honestly don’t see why, though, because I tried that once and the experience ended up being unnecessary for heroic and subpar for epic (everything is subpar in epic though, compared to the big three quests).

Pricing: 4/5

350 TP for the ability to farm for Pale Lavender Ioun Stones. Worth it, I say.

Overall: Lower B-Tier. 

I didn’t really anticipate the extent to which Pale Lavender Ioun Stones would centralize this review. I really didn’t. But after thinking about it thoroughly, I can safely say that the only real reason to buy this pack is because of Pale Lavender Ioun Stones… but man, is that one hell of a reason to buy it.

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