The High Road of Shadows

General Comments

The High Road of Shadows… otherwise known as the retarded cousin of the King’s Forest. Sure, most players enjoyed King’s Forest–myself included–but arguably, we don’t need another wilderness area which is basically a carbon copy of King’s Forest and which can provide some of the very same loot as well. King’s Forest is bigger, faster, and stronger too, it’s the first member of the DK crew bigger, more varied, and more fun than The High Road, not to mention that it came first, so the High Road just felt lazy on Turbine’s part, especially when it came less than a year after.

Experience: 2/5

It feels like Turbine took the experience values of the Path of Inspiration, an older level 18 pack, and decided to balance the High Road’s experience around it. This was a mistake because the Path of Inspiration was intended to originally be an endgame pack which wasn’t run for experience, whereas the High Road was never intended to be run as endgame content. Since it’s supposed to be run for experience and progression in light of the epic game and epic destinies, you would think that Turbine would accordingly make the quests rewarding in the experience department, but they didn’t.

In terms of experience, none of these five quests are worth running in either the heroic or epic levels. I’m not sure if even the presence of sagas is a good enough incentive to run them.

Also, I’m going to type the obligatory “big three” comment: there’s no reason to run these subpar quests on epic when the big three quests exist.

Loot: 3/5

It’s this aspect that makes this pack feel like Druid’s Deep part 2. All the commendations which you can find in King’s Forest and in Druid’s Deep can be found here as well, although running all the High Road quests takes significantly longer, so it’s more-or-less outclassed by the Druid’s Deep in this regard.

But this pack does offer some decent named loot that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, and that’s this pack’s one redeeming factor keeping it out of F-Tier.

Nether Grasps are a decent option for itemizing seeker and a stacking threat reduction bonus. They aren’t terrible, and they’re worth getting for certain builds.

Shadowmail and Wizard’s Ward can be good for a variety of caster builds.

Treads of Falling Shadow are arguably the best item here due to their stacking dex bonuses, Ghostly, and striding 30% effect. Since all builds use dexterity for reflex saves (aside from insightful reflex builds), these are almost universally a great item.

Whisperchain can be fun to use because of its combination of insightful sneak attack bonus, superior false life, and both blurry and ghostly. I don’t think it’s anywhere near the best armors in the game, but it’s still decent.

Fun Factor: 2/5

These are all straightforward hack-and-slash quests, although the final quest, End of the Road, can reward stealthily rushing through the quest.

And I do admit that even though the High Road wilderness itself is an inferior version of the King’s Forest, it’s still an inferior version of King’s Forest, and the King’s Forest is a really enjoyable wilderness area. High Road has some of the King’s Forest’s original charm, and even though it’s not as good by any means, it still has its moments.

Popularity: 2/5

There’s not much incentive to run these.

Pricing: 1/5

750 TP for a pack which hardly has any replay value and barely any redeeming traits. 750 is really pricey…

Overall: D-Tier. 

There’s not nearly enough content here to justify such high pricing, and of the content that this pack offers, it all feels very derivative of an overall better pack. Although even with this considered, the King’s Forest is a very pricey sell, and you could probably make a case for why High Road may be a better purchase…

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