The Path of Inspiration

General Comments

A similar story to Reaver’s Reach: the Path of Inspiration has lost a lot of its luster with time, since its two main purposes back when it was created were endgame challenge and loot. Now that it’s no longer a challenge and now that the loot is mostly outdated, this pack isn’t in a great place.

Experience: 2/5

When this pack was created, I don’t think that it was intended to be run for experience. The quests are all level 18 and strike me as more of the type which Turbine wanted people to run for the challenge and loot rather than the experience. The highest experience quest here, I Dream of Jeets, offers less experience than An Offering of Blood and The Enemy Within, both level 11 quests. Yikes.

Still, these packs are now easy to be run at level 20 with epic destinies, so they can provide a small bit of experience at that level.

Loot: 2/5

Some items remain good, such as the Gloves of Titan’s Grip with its unique clicky, Rahl’s Might, and Terror. But most of the loot here isn’t that great anymore, and it’s arguable that Rahl’s Might and Terror aren’t all that great anymore either…

Fun Factor: 3/5

At least fun factor is something which largely doesn’t go away, but it’s unfortunate that a lot of this pack’s challenge is now gone. Part of what made packs like this one, Reaver’s Reach, and Secrets of the Artificers fun was the endgame challenge it offered, but that’s now gone thanks to epic destinies. Notwithstanding, the quests themselves are still rather varied and offer a fun enough gaming experience.

I Dream of Jeets is, in my opinion, the highlight here, with its focus on venturing into Jeets’ mind and defeating his numerous fantasies which manifest themselves in the form of monsters. It’s a fun little nod to psychology, and it’s a little bit more than typical hack-and-slash fare.

Popularity: 2/5

I see LFMs for this pack pop up ever-so occasionally, but it’s simply not as popular as it used to be. Same could be said of DDO in general, really.

Pricing: 4/5

350 TP for 5 quests is a good deal above average, and this pack’s pricing is one of its strongest aspects.

Overall: Lower C-Tier. 

Packs like this one have mostly lost their edge because they no longer fulfill their primary intended purposes, namely that of being a meaningful endgame challenge. Turbine needs to find ways to update these kinds of packs, or else they’ll gradually be forgotten, and that’s not a good thing because inherently, these quests are rather enjoyable and deserve to be run.

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