Wheloon Prison

General Comments

I bought the Shadowfail Conspiracy expansion pack back when I was a bit more oblivious about DDO’s quality decline since 2012. I bought it together with the Menace of the Underdark expansion on Steam because they were having a sale for something like 75% off. Even then, I’m not sure if either purchase was really worth it because Wheloon is such a detestable setting with an abominable collection of quests.

Experience: 2/5

There are four flagging quests here and one finisher. They’re all level 16 (26 on epic) and none of them give half decent experience except for the last one, so you may as well skip them. On epic, it’s the exact same story. I’m not even sure if the final quest, Through a Mirror Darkly, is worth the hassle of doing the rest of them because the rest are so uninspired, boring, and bad experience.

Wheloon does have a wilderness area (which isn’t good experience by any stretch of the imagination) and is part of a few sagas, so I guess epic players have a little more reason to buy the expansion pack. Still, I personally think it’s easier to just run the big three experience quests every day rather than bother with Wheloon.

Loot: 1/5

Most of the effects on these items can be found elsewhere, though it’s worth noting that some of these items are the only way to get +7/8 stat bonuses in the heroic game. Not that it’s that great of a bonus anyway, since +8 only translates to +1 more ability mod over +6 stat bonuses.

Fun Factor: 1/5

This pack would have a 0 in this department if not for Through a Mirror Darkly.

Friends in Low Places is mostly a boring, vanilla hack-and-slash quest, but the endfight makes this quest excessively annoying. Monsters in the endfight spawn in waves, and they spawn in accordance to how much HP the boss has. On elite, over 60 monsters spawn in total, and it’s possible to have them all spawn on top of one another, causing all sorts of lag and guaranteed death. The only way to get around this is to kill them one wave at a time while ignoring the boss herself until you clear all the trash mobs on the screen. Tedious. Much more tedious than it should be.

A Lesson in Deception is a boring dungeon trek. Same story with Army of Shadow. Yawn.

And then you get to Thrill of the Hunt. I wrote an entire post on most of the things wrong with this quest, which you can read here. Shadar-Kai assassins just make this quest a living nightmare, and given that the boss is a Shadar-Kai assassin as well, the only feasible course of action to take on higher difficulties is to simply not do this quest if you’re a melee build, or to be a ranged/caster build.

At least Through a Mirror Darkly is somewhat decent. It features a mechanic which seems ripped off from a Link to the Past, namely the idea of a light world and a dark world, and using a Magic Mirror to traverse between the two. Despite it being unoriginal, it at least works well, so I’ll give Turbine credit for execution. It’s at least somewhat enjoyable, and that’s what matters in the end.

Popularity: 1/5

I’ve put up LFMs for this pack several times and only once did I ever get someone to join me. I also see LFMs for this pop up occasionally, but nobody seems to join them, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these quests aren’t too popular.

Pricing: 1/5

The problem with the pricing here is that you need to spend around $20 or 2495 TP in order to get this pack. This is because you can’t purchase the pack individually; it comes as part of the Shadowfail Conspiracy expansion pack, which includes Wheloon, the Storm Horns, and one level 15 quest that nobody cares about (and also an iconic hero if you pay for it with real money instead of TP, but honestly I don’t give a fuck about iconics). 2495 for two adventure packs is a ridiculous price, and even if Storm Horns is an excellent pack, it doesn’t offer enough to counterbalance Wheloon’s awfulness. Even though I consider Storm Horns to be in the B-Tier of adventure packs, I’d advise against buying the Shadowfail Conspiracy expansion pack because 2495 TP is way too much to be spending for Storm Horns alone, and Wheloon adds nothing of value to your purchase.

It’s because of Wheloon that you should be suspicious about buying any expansion packs in the future.

Overall: Upper F-Tier. 

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  2. DDOCentral says:

    The Ravenloft expansion is great content.


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