The Demonweb

General Comments

Okay, I’ll admit that I enjoyed Beyond the Rift. It was interesting to run through Demonweb/Underdark scenery for about 15-20 minutes. But that’s just it. It was fun for about 15-20 minutes. I ran through the quest and though, “hmm, that was kind of neat,” but I never once thought that it’d be enjoyable to run through an entire fucking wilderness zone full of more of the same. And that’s exactly what The Demonweb is, only worse.

Experience: 2/5

The experience here isn’t the worst in the game, but it’s not great either. While the three quests themselves give slightly above-average experience, it’s counterbalanced by having to walk out to them. Also, obligatory big three comment: no reason to run these when the big three exist.

Demonweb is its own wilderness area, though I’ll be damned if anyone actually does Slayer runs for experience.

Oh yeah, and the three quests here are part of some sagas. Um… yay?

Loot: 1/5

As with the Underdark/Drow City, anything found here can be found on the auction house, so you don’t even need the pack to get the loot here.

Fun Factor: 0.5/5

It’s at least slightly better than the Underdark, though not by much. This pack still has severe problems.

Like I said in regards to Beyond the Rift, the scenery is a nice change, but it’s not something you want to wander around in for extended periods of time. I’m fine with just playing through Beyond the Rift and then being done with the setting, because there’s only so much you can milk something like this. For another thing, this wilderness is unique in that the paths to the quest change every time you run a new instance of the wilderness. This makes it a chore to find any of the explorers (if you’re actually doing that) or more importantly, finding any of the quests. And what’s the most important part of a quest? Being able to run it, maybe?

Another problem comes in regards to simply being able to access the Demonweb. In order to be able to explore this place, you need to have completed all of the Underdark quests. And I don’t plan on doing that shit again. So even if I wanted to run the Demonweb (which I don’t), I’d never be able to anyway because I can’t be fucked to run the Underdark ever again.

Finally, the quests themselves are flawed. The theme here seems to be “long periods of doing nothing, punctuated by bubbles of action.” This is the case with Trial by Fury and The Deal and the Demon, although Reclaiming the Rift is slightly better in this regard. Still, it’s undeniable that even the wilderness itself consists of long periods of walking over the same scenery, and ever so occasionally finding a group of monsters to fight. It’s boring. Never once when doing any of these quests did I think to myself “oh, yeah, this is fun, and I want to run these again.” Come next year, I’ll probably have forgotten all about these quests because of how unmemorable they are. And it’s already December.

I’ve never run the raid, nor do I have a desire to. All of the loot here is outmoded by Thunderforged anyway.

Popularity: 4/5

Possibly the only somewhat redeeming factor of this pack. People seem to love to do these quests, even if they’re far from optimal as far as experience goes. Maybe they’re operating under the misguided notion that the saga experience will make up for it? In reality, however, it’s a better expenditure of time to simply do the big three quests every day if you really want epic experience.

Pricing: 1/5

Thoroughly unlikable pack which is far from worth 2495 TP, even if it comes with the King’s Forest.

Overall: F-Tier. 

Although it’s a slight improvement from the Underdark, it’s not a pronounced difference. It’s not as hair-pullingly frustrating as the Underdark is, but it has a plethora of its own flaws, featuring loot which you don’t even need to run these quests to get, mediocre to below average experience, and boring and uncreative quests which seem like simple rehashings of Beyond the Rift.

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