The King’s Forest

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King’s Forest and its associated quests are the most appealing thing about the Menace of the Underdark expansion pack. Epic Destinies and the epic split are a major part of what’s been ruining this game since 2012; the Druid class has always been middle-of-the-road; the Eveningstar Challenge Pack has almost nothing going for it; and the rest of the wilderness areas in the expansion pack are horrible and drawn out. The King’s Forest stands out for being the anomaly, being a large, varied wilderness area which, although rather streamlined in that it’s very similar to other areas from lots of other fantasy-inspired MMOs, is quite rewarding and is decent fun to explore.

Even despite its good points, though, it doesn’t offer any good loot, its experience isn’t anything above average, and most importantly, it’s weighed down by the rest of the MOTU expansion pack.

Experience: 3/5

First, there’s the wilderness area itself. Counting all explorers, rares, and slayers (all 7,500 of them), you can squeeze a total of 936,871 experience from the zone. Although since slaying in this area isn’t exactly popular these days, I wouldn’t advise going all the way up to 7,500, since it’d take way too long. However, because it’s so large and fun to explore (IMO), I don’t think it’d be a chore to get maybe a few thousand slayers here before growing tired of it.

There are only three quests in this zone, and they must be completed in any order to flag for the chain’s end quest. Two of these quests are some of the only ones in the game which have experience comparable to that of the big three epic quests. Impossible Demands can be done in under two minutes, while Unquiet Graves can be done in under four minutes. The experience/minute is fantastic here, but it can be somewhat hindered by the long walk out to these quests. The Lost Thread, which is the third quest here, doesn’t offer experience on the same level as the other two, but it can be completed reasonably quickly (~10 minutes) if you know what you’re doing. The final quest, which takes place in the village of Eveningstar, is the Battle for Eveningstar. It’s similar to the Lost Thread in experience and in the time it takes to complete it.

I’m not sure if I should count the other three Eveningstar quests which require the MOTU expansion pack, because 1) they’re not really part of the King’s Forest and 2) they’re not great experience anyway, so they’re not worth going over in depth.

Loot: 1/5

I don’t consider any of the loot here to be great. Any of the commendation items you can get are more easily obtained by buying The Druid’s Deep or High Road of Shadows packs, and these are the only items in this pack worth mentioning.

Fun Factor: 4/5

I really like The King’s Forest wilderness. It’s big and has a lot of hidden goodies, making it fun to explore. Like I said earlier, it’s streamlined as hell, but it feels like a setting which DDO kind of needed. There are countless MMOs with forests and villages set in a fantasy-setting, and DDO conspicuously lacked this, despite belonging to the franchise which started it all. So I think it’s a good thing that Turbine gave us this setting, and it was a good start on fleshing out this game’s Forgotten Realms content. It’s too bad that Turbine hasn’t really done anything else in the way of adding any more meaningful Forgotten Realms content, because right now, it’s a lot of wasted potential.

Popularity: 4/5

People seem to love to do all of the MOTU quests, probably for the sagas (kind of silly if you ask me, since in terms of exp/minute, nothing beats the big 3 quests), so you’ll have no difficulty finding groups for any of these quests.

Pricing: 1/5

Its biggest flaw. You have to pay 2495 TP or somewhere around $20 for this expansion pack, and even though King’s Forest is overall an above-average pack, its pricing absolutely kills it and brings it to being merely average. Being that it’s the only likable thing about the expansion pack, it’s far from worth the purchase.

Overall: C-Tier. 

I regret buying this pack, even though I enjoy it. If we’re talking about buying the expansion pack with real money, I can say that although the expansion pack does come with the Druid Class and Epic Destinies, these are better purchased individually. If we’re talking about TP pricing, you can buy the adventure packs associated with the expansion pack for 2,495, but this doesn’t include Druid of Epic Destinies. As a result, it’s not worth buying with TP either, since again, Druid and Epic Destinies are better purchased individually.

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