Reaper Retardation

I hope you like the alliterative title.

So, I come back from a year-long break (or longer, I can’t keep track), after seeing that they had at some point made a Battle Engineer change. It looked nice so I decided to test it out, namely by True Reincarnating my character and starting over at level 1. At this point, I noticed that there was another new feature Turdbine added in since I had last played: Reaper difficulty.

It’s about as awful as you’d expect it to be.

Oh, I also discovered that apparently the company managing DDO is no longer named “Turbine;” it’s now “Stepping Stone Games” (SSG for short) but it’s essentially being managed by all the same people. It’s the same piece of shit, just with a different name, so don’t get your hopes up too much about any new managerial direction for DDO.

Anyway, Reaper difficulty. The gimmick in this difficulty is that it’s harder than elite. Why they added in this difficulty, I have no idea; elite was already challenging enough with the stupid, broken monster champions that they decided to add in awhile back. I suppose they decided that the game wasn’t broken enough, and wanted to fuck over players even more. I guess they did a good job at that, for what it’s worth. There are two main gripes I have with Reaper difficulty: its difficulty and its rewards.


Whereas the climb from normal to hard and hard to elite is mostly defined as a linear difficulty scaling which results in slightly more monsters per difficulty, slightly more powerful monsters per difficulty, or slightly more powerful traps in higher difficulties, the only noticeable difference between the jump from Elite to Reaper seems to be more monster champions. A lot more. And this is retarded game design. I’ll explain why. There are also new monsters called “Reapers,” who are incorporeal and deal massive amounts of damage–they’re basically monster champions without officially being recognized as such. They seem to spawn at random, and this is also retarded game design.

Consider a normal, well-designed game. Let’s talk about Megaman 2, for instance. In the western release of this game, it has two difficulty options: normal and difficult. Normal is what you’d expect, and in difficult, monsters deal twice as much damage and you (Megaman) deal half as much damage as you would otherwise. This is a blanket effect which affects every unit in the game equally: in other words, it’s consistent and it’s a universally applied standard. Even if the difficulty is not incremental and you have a binary choice between two difficulties, the fact remains that it’s a universalized, evenly applied standard to which the game holds itself impartially.

Contrast this with DDO. The problem with Reaper difficulty is that when there are no monster champions, the game is an absolute snoozefest, and that when there are any monster champions, the game has a dramatic, jarring difficulty spike which causes the dungeon to become several times harder than it is normally. This is idiotic.

As a concrete example, let’s take the quest Walk the Butcher’s Path, which my character ran at level 3. Everything in this quest was really easy, and I was able to slaughter dozens of kobolds without a hitch. And then I encounter my first reaper. I go up to it, try to attack it, and it deals 120 damage to me.

Yes, that’s right: 120 fucking damage in a level 4 quest. Bear in mind that most monsters even in Gianthold, which is a level 13-14 area, don’t deal this much damage in a single hit. So what the fuck, Turbine? This problem persists all throughout reaper difficulty, with reapers and monster champions at every level dealing ridiculous and unmanageable amounts of damage. I also ran Bloody Crypt (a level 6 quest) on Reaper, and one monster champion applied a Damage-Over-Time effect to me that dealt 45 damage every two seconds, and lasted for 15 seconds. Because that’s totally fair; most normal level 13 characters would be unable to handle all that damage, so why the hell would a level 6-8 character be able to survive this?

This is a problem because instead of simply being incrementally more difficult than lower difficulties, Reaper difficulty has these weird spikes of difficulty in what would otherwise be extremely easy quests. Imagine if, in Megaman 2, you’re going through Metal Man’s stage and every single monster dies in two hits, and the boss (Metal Man) falls in ten. But then, let’s use Turbine’s logic: let’s place in some “champion” monsters who appear at random all throughout the stage, and who take twenty hits to kill, and who can kill you in two hits. This is basically what monster champions are. For one thing, it makes no sense that monster champions are harder to take down and deal more damage than boss monsters within the same quest. That’s just idiotic. For another thing, this difficulty is at complete random and it completely breaks up any sense of consistency you would otherwise have.

What if, instead of random, sporadic, stupid spikes of difficulty, Turbine instead made it so that every monster in a given dungeon has is 10% stronger in a higher difficulty? No monster champions–instead, every monster is slightly stronger, so the overall experience of doing the dungeon is slightly more challenging. That, to me, makes a hell of a lot more sense. But no, they didn’t do that because that’d be common sense.

As I might’ve alluded to before in this blog, I hate monster champions. They’re one of the stupidest things Turbine has ever done (and that’s saying a LOT), and the net result is that they heavily encouraged ranged builds and casters. In reaper mode especially, because of the presence of “lost souls,” items which randomly spawn from enemies and can be picked up to restore your SP, Turbine seems to be heavily encouraging casters. All the while, melees have slowly been becoming less and less fashionable unless you’re a tank with 500 AC and 500 PRR or something absurd and unobtainable like that. This game is becoming borderline unplayable, even on elite–this is largely due to monster champions.


Why would anyone even run reaper mode? Because of the rewards. And the rewards are, for the most part, ludicrously badly designed, as you’d probably expect from Turbine.

For one thing, you get slightly more experience if you run reaper, when compared to elite. Oh boy. As if it wasn’t already easy enough to get from level 1-30. (Hint: it wasn’t.) We don’t need this. The experience is not an incentive to run Reaper.

The other reward is reaper experience, which you get in minuscule amounts every time you finish a dungeon on reaper mode. This experience gradually earns you points in the reaper enhancements trees, but you shouldn’t get your hopes up because by the time you make any significant progress in them, you’ll probably be playing DDO in a retirement home. Here’s a poignant post on the official forums about the situation. Here’s one quote from one sane forum user:

The xp curve on reaper looks like a Fibonacci Sequence. The sun will explode before any casual player gets through it.

And, as you can expect, there are lots of people in this thread sucking Turbine’s dick and saying shit like “OH WELL IT’S A GOOD THING THAT THERE ARE UNATTAINABLE ACHIEVEMENTS IN THIS GAME” or other weird drivel like that. This is why we can’t have nice things.

It just takes way too long to make any significant progress in the reaper enhancements. My character is already level 9, has completed every quest so far on reaper, and only has around 20,000 reaper experience. This is only enough for 4 reaper points, and the numbers go up exponentially from there: if you want 10 points, it takes 100k experience; 20 points 400k experience; 30 points 900k experience; etc.

Additionally, 95% of the benefits from these reaper trees only take effect within reaper difficulty. So for the average person, such as myself, who sees reaper as a stupid chore and who intends to spend as little time in it as possible, what incentive do we even have for using these enhancements? Even for the people who are gluttons for punishment and have masochistic hard-ons for idiotically-designed difficulties and who therefore love reaper, are they really going to be serviced immensely by something as trivial as +3 melee power, or +3 to tactics DCs? …I don’t think so.

In regards to those enhancements which do take effect outside of reaper difficulty, they’re minor benefits like +20 hp/+1 saving throws, or +1 to hit/damage. But the most damning thing about these bonuses is that they only can be taken at certain levels. For instance, the +1 to hit/damage ability only can be taken at level 9, and +1 to intelligence can only be taken at level 15. And the +1 to intelligence one requires 121,000 reaper experience, which by my estimations would require running only Reaper for at least three heroic lives. Fuck that shit. 

I can’t even stomach one life of reaper difficulty. I got my character to level 9 running only reapers and I’m about ready to kill myself due to the frustration. Why on EARTH would Turbine think anyone could survive three fucking lives of this awful shit just for +1 to a stat or something idiotic like that?

I suppose there’s one more thing I should address in my tirade against reaper retardation: its effects on the metagame.

The Community

The game has steadily been dying for a long time now, and I’m fairly certain that 99% of the cool, old-school, intelligent players have left. By now, most of the people who remain are the idiots who thought MoTU was a good idea, or are still in denial that the game is dying (despite there being, on a good day, an average of less than 25% of the amount of LFMs up as what we had previously, lol). So this doesn’t help out the gaming experience much; it’s probably better to just find a different game to play altogether.

I’ll talk briefly about Reaper’s influence on the community and the way people play the game. You know how in previous posts, I’ve talked about how the way the epic game is set up now has cleft the community in two? Well, that’s effectively what Reaper has done now, except to the heroic game: now everything in the game is even more fragmented before. We now have people who just do endgame raiding, people who just work through epic lives, people who just do heroics on elite, people who just do heroics on reaper, and a few other groups of people.

Nowadays, it’s even more difficult to find parties for anything you want to run. In heroics, you can even put up a LFM for Reaper 1 difficulty, but some people won’t want to join because they want to do Reaper 2, or Reaper 3, or whatnot. And then there are those such as myself who just want nothing to do with reaper and instead want to run things on elite, since there are fewer monster champions there, even if the existing monster champions still give me cancer. Then you also have the casual crowd who wants to run things on normal (and in all frankness should be running things on normal) but can’t find a group for it so they just hop into someone’s Reaper LFM and promptly get destroyed.

The implementation of Reaper difficulty has just made it even harder to find groups due to further fragmenting the community. Add to this the dwindling population of DDO and you get a recipe for disaster. Absolutely nothing good has come from this steaming mess of shit that Turbine has created, and at this point, I’m on the verge of quitting DDO and never returning.

It seems that over the past several years, every time I go on a break and return, I stay for less and less time: a few months, then a break, then I stay for a few weeks, then a break, and now it seems I’m staying for less than a week. Every single change Turbine has made to this game recently has been utterly disastrous, and Reaper is one of the worst things they have done in a long time. It’s kind of impressive how monumentally this company has fucked up at every single opportunity it’s had, but it’s equally infuriating for someone like me who really used to love this game and has become saddened with what it’s become. Again, I’ll reiterate: Reaper difficulty is unnecessary, frustrating, poorly designed, and has had awful side effects, namely further dividing the community. DDO has reached a point now where even the heroic game has become borderline unplayable, and that’s really the last straw for me.

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14 Responses to Reaper Retardation

  1. DDOCentral says:

    The new company is Standing Stone Games (SSG), not Stepping Stone Games.


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  3. John Brown says:

    The Devs (Severlin, Steelstar, et. al.) have all said that the purpose of Reaper Difficulty is that they are trying to kill your character. If you don’t like dying, don’t play Reaper difficulty.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Church174 says:

    I know that this blog is about the most biased thing and is clearly intended to just spit rage out from a keyboard, but seriously. A 5 minute internet search turns up most of the answers for why Reaper is the way that it is, and the rest of the article is mostly poorly written. You don’t do a good job of analyzing and explaining anything in your comparison of games at all.

    Reaper is meant to be a way to force players to party together, it is meant for players who are elite and want a challenge when they can easily solo Elite. In order to do that, it requires a FULL PARTY. This is why it is so much stronger, it’s clearly not meant for you. Especially since you think that Elite and Champions are already stupidly OP. Outside Epic Elite and Raids, I’ve never felt that Elite quests were too powerful, most of them from 1-20 can be soloed by my characters. The difference is I know the game and worked on effective gear.

    I can even solo the first ToEE at level on Elite by myself with no problems, just plenty of consumables and a lot of time. It sounds a lot more like you’re someone that doesn’t really enjoy the game and just wants to rant rather than looking at anything legitimate.


    • Drunken.dx says:

      Are you a mind reader?
      Because I planned to write exactly same response and then saw yours. (Up until last section, I’m not even good DDO player, just one that enjoys it casually).

      I actually LOL-ed IRL on his “champ OP” part.
      Yeah get hit multiple times with soul of cruelty, or notice opposite alignment to late, and it can be tough (tough, not even hard), but OP?
      I though champs are OP in my first few encounters with them back when I started, and now I consider them nice and fun addition.


    • Question says:

      Lets see…reaper is a way to force people to party? Well thats cool…except the game population is insanely low even on cannith…NA peaktime = LFGs up for 4+ hours with nobody joining…

      If you want people to party, there are plenty of better ways to do it. Stop dividng the playerbase into different segments for example. A level 5 quest on elite gets bumped up to level 7, and can be played by level 8 players with no penalties. Reaper mode does the exact opposite and penalizes you the moment you are 1 level higher than the base level, so you get people refusing to run reaper mode with anyone who is 1 level higher than the base level.

      The self healing penalty screws over every class that has healing as a feature. Paladins being the biggest that are penalized. They spend enhancement points on lay on hands, take healing spells…and its all totally worthless in reaper mode. Meanwhile, warlock temp hp spam works fine in reaper mode. Its not even well thoguht out…if you are going to nerf a particular class feature (Healing) then how do you plan to compensate it? It would be like nerfing a fighter’s ability to tank because “oh, we think fighters tank too much in elite so we want to force them to party”. Or nerfing a sorc’s spell points because they can “cast too many spells”.

      The playerbase being segmented over who has what pack/expansion is another huge problem. Not to mention quest chains…I was trying to get a party for tangleroot gorge quests, and the few people who showed up werent up to the same point in the quest chain. So we spent time running the first few quests for them to get everyone up to the same point in the quest chain…and then they decide to ditch our party without a word to go run something else.

      Epic/Heroic split. Higher level players cant party with lower level ones, which makes finding groups even harder…and in my experience, most of the people sitting at epics are concentrating on one character, and definately do not have multiple alts covering every level range. I usually see 6+ epic levels online in my guild….and none of them can do a thing to help the lower level guys at all.

      If the playerbase was a few times larger…reaper mode as it is might work but…right now getting parties for reaper mode is near impossible unless you have a static group of friends…just try listing heroic reaper LFGs on cannith…most of the time nobody joins…or you get someone who joins then leaves a few minutes later because theres no healer…


  5. Symbiont says:

    Really dumb article. You must be proud of your stupidity to flaunt it so exaggeratedly.


  6. Kerranin says:

    I do think your article is a bit of a rant, however, you do have some valid points about splitting the community. Fundamentally, reaper came about because of rampant power creep making certainly older adventures very easy. Rather than fix the power creep, they added reaper mode to allow more power creep. (See the recent change to stat-tome levels)

    As to end-of-life, it has been pretty clear for a while that DDO is a declining spiral and that the focus of the SSG team is to milk what remains for any cash they can get.

    I’ll stay around because the style of game is good for the group i play with and very few other MMOs would satisfy the small group I play with.


  7. Thelonious says:

    All his articles are rants.


  8. KarBon says:

    I tried to go back to DDO a year ago. Reaper killed it for me as well. I did 4 TR’s of a monk on a different server just for fun and i constantly got forced or talked into doing reaper even though i wasn’t enjoying it at all on my melee self healing shintao monk that is essentially pointless in Reaper and well monk is my favorite DnD class ever.

    However people do make a few fair points… The game is too easy but for the wrong fucking reasons. They power creeped everything so fucking far i was the the only tank in Elite VoD lvl 17-20 on a level 19 adventurer monk on my 1st life oh and did i mention the party didn’t have any healers?

    They had to implement this gimmicky shit so people would have reason to play healers again. Sad thing is healers suck in reaper as well. Just get a full party of warlocks that just works and they wont get killed as easily as healers because unlike healers they can actually heal themselves with temporary HP.

    Oh and while doing my 4 TR’s and countless reaper quests i think i had a healer once or twice at most.


  9. Gordodan says:

    You are so right but just look at the responses you got here, that’s the problem with DDO, there are so many mouth breathers that just gobble up the crap DDO is serving them. It’s generally people who suck at video games that are attracted to this steaming pile because you can gain power from repetitive easy grinding then you feel like you’re actually doing something when you face roll content your character outstrips.


  10. Scott Gray says:

    Reaper is good for the game, get better gear, and don’t run up to mobs that can oneshot you and expect to live. Try using a missile weapon and kite them, develop some skill in the game you hack!


  11. Michelle says:

    Well, SSG or Turbine or whatever, they decided to hug the minority instead of majority long long time ago so they keep making some “elite” improvement to amuse those elite players. The only reason I still playing DDO is because I already spent too much here, too lazy to switch to another game. But for now I always play DDO as single-player game, always solo and never have group — all the LFMs are for reapers, which I don’t wanna join.
    From a casual player, SSG is doing all the nonsense. But for SSG they are doing exactly what they want:giving up big market,big money and amusing little group of players to earn no money,


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