Adventure Pack Tier List

I like tier lists. They’re fun to see in fighting games, MOBA games, and even in Pokemon games. Though I doubt that every aspect about them is 100% accurate, they fulfill their intended goal–to provide a general view of which characters are better than others. So I figured, why not make a tier list for DDO’s adventure packs?

Yeah, I know that my opinions will be subjective to an extent, but I will try to back up my opinions with firsthand observations, statistics (exp, and on a more abstract level, loot), and other such instances of more concrete pieces of data. And as someone who has been playing this game for at least six years now and owns all but three of them, I think I’m at least somewhat qualified to do something like this.

I’ll be doing a separate post for each and every adventure pack in order to justify my placings on this tier list. In these posts, I’ll try to cover broadly every aspect about each pack, including loot, experience, fun factor, originality, pricing, and ease of finding a group.

SS-Tier (a league of their own; buy these before anything else)
Vale of Twilight & Subterrane
Ruins of Gianthold

S-Tier (must-have packs)
Three Barrel Cove
Vault of Night
Devil Assault
Necropolis 4

A-Tier (very good packs; arguably essential)
Sands of Menechtarun
Sentinels of Stormreach
Delera’s Tomb
Reaver’s Refuge
Necropolis 2

B-Tier (decent, but non-essential packs)
Secrets of the Artificers
Sorrowdusk Isle
Storm Horns+
Dreaming Dark
Harbinger of Madness and Reign of Madness (tie)

C-Tier (average packs)
House Cannith Challenge Pack
Attack on Stormreach
Phiarlan Carnival
King’s Forest*
Path of Inspiration
Necropolis 1

D-Tier (somewhat lackluster packs with one or two redeemable traits)
Red Fens
Restless Isles
High Road of Shadows
Druid’s Deep
Eveningstar Challenge Pack

F-Tier (thoroughly detestable packs)
Ruins of Threnal
Wheloon Prison+
Necropolis 3
The Demonweb*
The Underdark*
Trial of the Archons
Heart of Madness

ToEE-Tier (no comment)
Temple of Elemental Fail

Packs I don’t have
Devil’s Gambit
Haunted Halls
Devils of Shavarath (I actually have this pack, but have only ever run two of the quests here. Until someone can get my lazy ass to run these quests, I’m reserving further judgment here.)

*These packs must be bought together
+These packs must be bought together